Mission permanente de l'Ukraine à la Direction de l'ONU et d'autres organisations internationales à Genève

Kyiv 06:13

La réunion annuelle des Parties à la Convention sur l'interdiction de la mise au point, de la fabrication et du stockage des armes bactériologiques (biologiques) ou à toxines tenue à Genève

10 décembre 2012, 11:49

The annual Meeting of the States Parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) holds its sessions from 10 through 14 December 2012 in Geneva.
The Meeting involves participants from more than 120 States Parties and observer countries, as well as the representatives of several international and nongovernmental organizations, including the WHO, OECD, Interpol, ICRC etc.
Ukraine is represented at the Meeting by the official delegation headed by the Director of the Directorate-General for International Security and Disarmament of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Mr. Olexandr Aleksandrovych. The delegation includes experts. The delegation includes experts form the National Council for Security and Defense, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ministry of Health, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences and President’s Administration of Ukraine.
The Meeting will discuss issues related to the universalization of the Convention and to the implementation of its provisions regarding international cooperation in order to apply biological researches for peaceful purposes and technical assistance to States Parties to the Convention to identify and combat the pandemic nature of threats.
In particular, the Meeting will study the outcome of the July 2012 expert discussions of three standing agenda items assigned by the BWC Seventh Review Conference: cooperation and assistance, with a particular focus on strengthening cooperation and assistance under Article X; review of developments in the field of science and technology related to the Convention; as well as strengthening national implementation.

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