Постійне представництво України при відділенні ООН та інших міжнародних організаціях у Женеві

, Київ 23:57

Виступ Постпреда України у ході обговорення доповіді Російської Федерації в рамках третього циклу Універсального періодичного огляду на 30-й сесії Робочої групи УПО Ради ООН з прав людини (мовою оригіналу)

14 травня, 16:19

Human Rights Council

30th session of the UPR Working Group

Review of the Russian Federation

Intervention by the delegation of Ukraine

14 May 2018


Mr. President,

Ruthless, widespread violations of human rights are an appalling everyday reality in Russia and must be resolutely condemned. Just recently the whole world witnessed cold-blooded police brutality, beatings and arrests of hundreds of protesters, including children and the elderly, during peaceful anti-government rallies – this is yet another confirmation of the prevailing state of human rights in Russia that continues to deteriorate.

Still, even harsher policies are being pursued in Russia-occupied territories in different countries.

Ukraine recommends to the Russian Federation to:

-       Restore full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms at home and activate the work of now dormant national human rights institutions;

-       Uphold all its obligations under applicable international law, including international humanitarian law, as Occupying Power in the territories illegally occupied by Russia;

-       Ensure access to the occupied Crimea by international human rights mechanisms;

-       Implement UNGA resolutions 68/262, 71/205, 72/190;

-       Repeal Russian laws imposed in the occupied Crimea and respect the laws in force in Ukraine;

-       Fully comply with the ICJ’s provisional measures Order of 19 April 2017;

-       Fulfil all interim measures issued by the European Court of Human Rights in the cases regarding human rights violations in the occupied Crimea and Donbas;

-       Immediately release Ukrainian citizens unlawfully detained or sentenced, as well as those transferred or deported across internationally recognized borders from Crimea to the Russian Federation.

Thank you.