Постійне представництво України при відділенні ООН та інших міжнародних організаціях у Женеві

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Виступ Постпреда України під час термінових дебатів щодо ситуації у Східній Гуті, Сирійська Арабська Республіка, у рамках 37-ї сесії РПЛ (мовою оригіналу)

02 березня, 19:11

37th session of the UN Human Rights Council

Agenda item 1

Urgent Debate on the situation in Eastern Ghouta in the Syrian Arab Republic

Intervention by Ukraine


(Geneva, March 2, 2018)


Mr. President,

Let me express our appreciation for the delegation of the United Kingdom for initiating this important debate.

This session opened with the expectations expressed by the UN Secretary General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights that the unanimous decision by the UN Security Council to cease hostilities throughout Syria, including in Eastern Ghouta, for at least 30 days, would be implemented and sustained so that the immense suffering of civilians could be alleviated.

In less than a week after the adoption of the Security Council resolution, the situation shows no improvement. No cease of hostilities, no access for humanitarian aid, no medical evacuations but continued shellings, deaths and horrors. The Syrian regime and its Russian ally are continuing bombing residential areas in Eastern Ghouta and other parts of the country, killing more and more civilians and causing more and more damage to critical infrastructure. As one would recall, Russia stuck to the same barbaric approach when it destroyed Grozny of Chechnya in 1995, Eastern Aleppo of Syria in 2016, and Avdiivka of Ukraine in 2017.

One may ask what the Human Rights Council could possibly do when legally binding Security Council resolutions do not work.

Yet, it is impossible to stay silent in the face of gross violations and abuses of human rights and fundamental freedoms, watching people dying or barely surviving under unstoppable attacks.

There should be accountability for serious violations and abuses of international human rights law and serious violations of international humanitarian law – in Eastern Ghouta, throughout Syria, or wherever they occur throughout the world.

That’s why Ukraine co-sponsored the draft resolution before us today and will support it.

Thank you.

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