Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UNO Branch and other International Organizations in Geneva

, Kyiv 13:08

Intervention by Permanent Representative of Ukraine Ambassador Y.Klymenko at the Agenda item 3 of the 30th session of the UN Human Rights Council

22 September 2015, 17:35

30th session of the UN Human Rights Council

Agenda item 3


Annual half-day discussion on the rights of indigenous peoples


Intervention by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine

Ambassador Yurii Klymenko


September 22, 2015


Mr. President,

Nowadays, Ukraine, all reputable international organizations and progressive international community continue to be gravely concerned over ongoing deterioration of human rights situation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine, status of which is clearly prescribed by the UN GA resolution 68/262.

Due to the occupation and illegal annexation of the peninsula by the Russian Federation human rights of Crimean Tatars recognized in Ukraine as indigenous people are violated on a regular and systematic basis.

These numerous violations are documented in various monitoring missions’ reports namely the 11th OHCHR report on human rights situation in Ukraine, the latest OSCE Report of the Human Rights Assessment Mission on Crimea (July 2015) as well as the report of unofficial Turkish Delegation, which visited Crimea last April, issued in June 2015.

So-called “authorities” of Crimea and “de facto” Russian authorities constantly ignore the recommendations provided in the reports on what should be done to improve the human rights situation.

Human rights violations and crimes against indigenous people in Crimea are not properly investigated and those responsible are not brought to justice. This creates the vicious circle of impunity and total disregard for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The sheer number of the facts proving that Russia roughly and routinely violates the rights of Crimean Tatars requires a separate report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as, undoubtedly, the presence of an international monitoring mission in the peninsula.

We call upon the international community to increase its pressure on Russia in order to bring it back to respect for international law and to ensure protection of Crimean Tatars as indigenous people of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine.

Thank you.



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